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Villa Mizi

Meet our founder and Creative Director Zoe and Jimi Paul's latest project, Villa Mizi. Grounded in the tropics of Bali, the very place Mister Zimi was born, Villa Mizi is an amalgamation of the
Mister Zimi brand and lifestyle, a place where summer never ends.

Styling of the Villa is signature to Zoe's personal aesthetic, balancing dark woods with soft natural linens - welcoming colour through art and locally sourced textiles.

With her own family of six in mind, the living area is calming and free-flowing, with traditional bamboo woven ceilings cascading light through the space.

Credit: Original video & interview by Bali Interiors

Whether you're dipping poolside, sharing a meal, or nestled among the abundance of lounging options, Villa Mizi exudes that feeling of holiday.

"Bali is my second home, and over the years I have been searching for the dream villa... and this is it"