You should be aware that all countries have different laws regarding the importation of certain products and any orders designated for shipment to countries outside of Australia may be subject to import fees of which we have no control and are unable to provide estimates of as they differ widely from country to country.

We do not take any responsibility for the payment of import fees, taxes or other associated import costs.  These costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

Understanding the import restrictions and the payment of any associated costs in your local area is considered the responsibility of the purchaser. We recommend you contact your local Customs office for current charges before placing your order or visiting a duty calculation website such as

Most countries have a value threshold on imports before they start charging duty, for example the Australian Government charges duty, GST and various administration fees on all imports valued over AUD$1,000.

Below are some value thresholds for other destinations.  Please note that these values are provided in US dollars and were valid as of May 2015.  These values are always subject to change and should be checked before placing an order:

  • USA: US$ 800
  • UK & Europe: US$ 30
  • NZ: US$ 280
  • Singapore: US$ 240

If we believe your order may be subject to possible duties and taxes, we will do our best to contact you via email prior to shipping to confirm you can accept any duties and taxes charges upon arrival.