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Refundid Instant Refunds

Refundid is now available for our Australian customers. Shop worry free knowing your refund is now only seconds away. 

Refundid is a third party Instant Refund return provider! When using Refundid, refunds are paid out instantly meaning they are received in your bank account within 30 seconds of the return being lodged through Refundid, before you’ve even sent back your items. Refundid requires your bank account information to allow for the instant refund and may require you to provide other personal information to identify. you. Mister Zimi does not receive or store this information, click here to view Refundid's privacy policy and understand about any personal information collection.

If you'd like to get started click here!

Don't want to use Refundid? Choose our standard Refund option.

Simply head to our Returns Page and select Refundid Instant Refunds to commence the easy 3-step process to unlock your Instant Refund request.

Refundid currently offers instant refunds of up to $750. This means you can get an instant refund on any item, or combination of items, up to $750.

If the value of the items you wish to return exceeds this limit, the message ‘You’ve exceeded the refund limit for this item’ will appear.

Refundid works will all payment gateways! This means that you can still receive an instant refund with Refundid even if you originally purchased your item with a Buy Now Pay Later service such as Afterpay or Zip Pay.

Simply follow the usual Refundid process to receive an instant refund with one of our partner stores. After that, you can then use the money that you receive instantly from Refundid to repay your outstanding balance with your BNPL service. 

‍*Please note when using the Refundid platform your payments with your BNPL service will not be automatically cancelled. You will need to repay your BNPL provider with the money that is instantly transferred by Refundid.

Refundid is 100% free for all customers. No subscription fees, no set up costs and no transaction fees.

You can use Refundid on any item that is elligble for a refund as per our returns policy. Refundid is also not available for any orders made using a gift card.

You have 7 days to post your return! If your return tracking has not updated within 7 days, Refundid will reverse the instant refund they have paid out to you.

Sure thing, you check out Refundid's FAQ page for more deets